On Tuesday, August 9, 2016, club members attended the Cedar Hill City Council meeting to honor the city government for helping us pull off another successful Head for the Hills Bike Rally for 2016.  Our current president Trish Deeds and last year's treasurer Larry Horner delivered the presentation.  Concurrently, city administration and members of the city council were handed figures and statistics pertaining to the Rally, including the following:  
  • The club raised a net income of $26, 372.76 to be given to charities, predominantly local; 
  • 1092 participants came from all over the country, with the majority of them from the DFW area; 
  • These amounts meant a 30% increase from last year's proceeds, and a 26% increase from last year's participants.  
The BIG CHECKS ceremony in which local charities are recognized as this year's recipients of the Bike Rally proceeds takes place at the August 22nd club meeting starting at 6:00 pm.